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fall in love every chance you get - the Practical Magic Fanlisting

         shippier than thou

duckie dale fanlisting

   serenity - the firefly fanlisting


i can relate to riley i can relate to tara i can relate to xander

The Lindsey McDonald Fanlisting

unfiltered - the Nathan Fillion Fanlisting

Space Cowboy - the Mal Reynolds Fanlisting

similis simili gaudet - the angelslash fanlisting

i'm juiced    want. take. have.

Lindsey is my Muse  Xander is my Muse  Riley is my Muse 

I Love Your Smile   I'm an individual obsessed  

Thorny Path    Proud Member of the Marc Blucas Adoration society

i envy amber benson  

the eddie izzard fanlisting

Naked Wesley Cult - add guns... or Gunn

forget me not

Member of Girls who Love Riley  

spare parts  spare parts

spare parts


  Christian Kane Fanlisting


The Evil Vampire Alliance  He's Shedable

Lindsey is my Pick-Me-Up Riley is my Pick-Me-Up Xander is my Pick-Me-Up