Not So Vital Statistics

Name: Laura, mostly known as Lar

Age: 39, but most likely to be accused of something much less mature.

Hair: red

Eyes: green

Status: separated mother of three, deeply in love.

Birthdate: May 20

Employment: Admin. Asst. to Dean of Academic Affairs at a very small technical college. Got a job for me, something to do with designing sites? Email me, I beg of you.

Most Likely To Be...

Talking to: Sam, Kassie

Emailing With: zahra, Kassie

Listening to: Kane, Ryan Adams, Whiskeytown, Moulin Rouge

Eating/Drinking: honey wheat pretzels / bottled water

Playing With: new CK site in conjunction with Sam. (Or just Sam...)

Watching: Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, . Old Buffy or Angel eps. Anything I've scrounged up with CK in it.

Reading: King, Straub, Pratchett, Lamott, HOT Photoshop Guide, something on Vic's read-list

Book of the Moment: "The Wee Free Men"; "Memoirs of a Geisha"

Writing: DF

Fic of the Moment: Lindsey-fic in my brain, one with a strange and somehwat lovely twist.

Buying: NOTHING - I'm broke.

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